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A Guide to Organizing Your Home

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A Guide to Organizing Your Home

Do you really think that it is the right time to get your home in order, there is no such thing. Any time is the right time to get your home in order, whether you’re preparing to move or planning to stay put for the foreseeable future. Streamlining your spaces not only saves you time, but it can also make you feel happier and more relaxed in your environment.

That said, organizing and decluttering can seem overwhelming initially. Rather than give up before you’ve even begun, consider breaking it down room by room to help you maintain your momentum. Well, each space presents a different set of challenges but there are some common strategies you can employ as you approach these areas.

Separate your things by category and keep only what you truly need or want.

The following is a room-by-room guide that’ll help you get your house in order.

The Bedroom
You might have experienced days when you struggled with finding your belt or that one shoe that always goes missing, straightening up your bedroom, including that cluttered closet and those overflowing drawers, can help you save precious minutes in the morning and look your best at the same time.

Start with clothing and accessories and decide what you want to keep, donate, or ditch. Keep it simple and straight-forward—get rid of anything you haven’t worn in for a long time, say a year. If you haven’t worn it in that long, what’s the chances you’re going to in the next year or two?

Next, put things in order. Arrange your clothing in a way that is easier for you to find when you need them.

Then, get accessories like your purses, hats, ties and belts off the floor by installing hooks, which also makes it easy to find what you need at first glance.

The Bathroom
If you have a cabinet in here, this is a great place to begin. Take everything out and you’ll be able to quickly determine which items you still. If you have old medications, dispose of them properly. Remove old cosmetics and skincare products you no longer use.

Next, try to keep only the products used on a daily (or at least regular basis) in the bathroom.

If you have kids, and it looks more like a playroom than a bathroom, gather the toys into a storage basket that offers proper drainage, and try and find some room in a linen closet to stow it away.

The Kitchen
Since kitchen is probably the busiest room in your home, keeping it organized is a high priority. If you’re short on space, you should remove eatable items from their cardboard boxes and stack them or place them in clear. You’ll save a lot of space. You’ll be amazed at how much space boxes were taking up.

While you’re going through your pantry, check the expiration dates of items and remove the expired items or something that is never going to be used by anyone.

If you have space, install a turntable that grants easy access to an array of items in a single spin. A spice rack can also help you save space and make cooking a bit more efficient.

Use of racks or cabinets and drawers for the cooking utensils are always a good idea.

Keep a recycling bin nearby so you can eliminate all that paper immediately, rather than just keeping an ever-growing pile of it out in the open. Just doing this will make your kitchen look tidier!

The Living Room
You always want this room to look it’s best. Hanging flowerpots and baskets are the great ways. Whether you’re entertaining or hanging out alone, you still want this room to look its best. From storing magazines and books, to kids’ toys and games, baskets come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, making them as decorative as they are functional. And, they make the room lively.

But, just as you did with your other spaces, sort through your items before you store them in a basket or end table drawer. Try not to put pieces that you don’t use or need.

Decluttering may not “spark joy” at first. But even if this isn’t your favorite way to spend a day, once you see everything is in order, you’ll be glad you did it and you’ll love to see it.

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